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Does the concord police department offer blet sponsorships?

Yes. Those seeking BLET sponsorship by the Concord Police Department must begin the application process through the City of Concord's online application portal and complete the North Carolina personal history statement F-3.  Qualified applicants will then be called for an initial interview and if selected, will be offered a sponsorship to attend BLET.  Students sponsored by the Concord Police Department are financially responsible for any tuition and materials necessary to attend school.

where do i attend blet?

Below are some of the local schools offering the Basic Law Enforcement Training program.

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

Stanly Community College

Mitchell Community College

South Piedmont Community College

Do you have a Lateral Transfer Program?

Yes. The Concord Police lateral program provides experienced police officers with the opportunity to join our department at an advanced rank, Master Police Officer, based on their prior experience and qualifications. To qualify for the lateral program, candidates need a minimum of three years of experience as a sworn police officer. Additionally, candidates must possess an Intermediate Law Enforcement Certification issued by the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, indicating they have met the state's standards for law enforcement training and competency. Through the lateral program, experienced officers can transition smoothly into new roles within a different police department, bringing their expertise and skills to serve the community effectively. The starting salary is $69,604.73 with a top out pay of $114,847.80.


I have a law enforcement certification from another state, is it accepted in North Carolina?

Qualified applicants with law enforcement certifications from other states (upon approval by the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission), may be eligible to receive a probationary law enforcement certificate and may only have to complete certain sections of Basic Law Enforcement Training in order to take the state exam. More information on out of state transfers can be found here.

Is completion of Basic Law Enforcement Training required to apply?

BLET is not a requirement to apply, however it is preferred.  If selected, CPD will pay the candidate during BLET as well as pay for all associated costs including books and school uniforms.  All applicants without BLET certification are highly encouraged to research the BLET requirements before submitting an application for a police officer position.  CPD does offer BLET sponsorships, which is a requirement for each enrolled student.

How do I apply for employment with the Concord Police Department?

To begin the application process, click on the “Apply Now” button anywhere within our recruiting website.

How long does the hiring process take from start to finish?

A typical hiring process takes 2-3 months from the initial application to a candidate starting employment with the department.



Is there a residency requirement?

CPD does not have a residency requirement. However, coworkers residing within 30 miles from police headquarters (straight line distance) may be allowed to drive assigned vehicles to and from their residence and their duty assignment

How many officers does the Concord Police department have?

CPD has 200 sworn officer positions and over 20 civilian positions.

What type of shifts do most officers work?

Patrol officers are assigned to permanent 12 hour shifts.

Shifts are 7a-7p, 7p-7a, or 12p-12a

Officers are also provided the opportunity to request a shift or district through an annual bid process.

How long is field training?

Lateral transfers typically spend 8-10 weeks with a Field Training Officer.

Officers with no prior experience will typically spend 16 weeks with a Field Training Officer.

Does Concord have Specialized Units?

CPD has several specialized units including: school resource officer, traffic safety, SWAT, airport patrol, K-9, bicycle patrol, crime scene, vice & narcotics, criminal investigations, street crimes, mobile field force, mounted patrol and drone aviation. Refer to the organization chart on the "Why Concord?" page. 

Most specialized units require a minimum of 1 year on patrol in order to be eligible to apply for a transfer.  Some specialized units such as SWAT and Mobile Field Force may require more time. Openings for specialized assignments are filled through a competitive process for all interested/eligible officers.

Does Concord have secondary employment opportunities?

Yes, CPD has a wide selection of opportunities and officers are encouraged to participate in secondary employment as their schedule allows. The current secondary employment rate of pay for officers is $30.00 to $40.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. Secondary employment that involves traffic direction is rated at $35.00 to $40.00 per hour.  In addition to secondary employment, officers are continuously participating in events happening around the city.  Examples include, NASCAR races, NHRA events, Christmas Tree Lighting/Christmas Parade, Halloween Candy Crawl, Summer Downtown Concert Series, and numerous others. We also have some seasonal opportunities that pay up to $50 an hour.

Does Concord have/provide extra training for officers?

Yes, CPD is very proactive when providing extra training to our officers.  Above and beyond the state mandated 24 hours of in-service training, Chief Hughes encourages officers to seek training that will help improve their skills and make them more well-rounded officers. The City of Concord also offers employees a career development program. Employees who have completed their probationary period are encouraged to participate. Employees who wish to participate are required to complete a set number of training and wellness activity hours each year to satisfy the requirements. 1.5% raises are currently given each fiscal year to employees that satisfy the requirements of the program. This is an addition to a merit based raise each year which is currently 1%-3%.

Does CPD allow tattoos?

Yes, however, CPD does have a tattoo policy that states tattoos shall not be offensive, disruptive, or give the appearance of bias to the public.  Inappropriate tattoos may be covered up or concealed by the uniform while on duty.  Chief Hughes will determine if a tattoo is in violation of department policy.

Does CPD allow Beards?

Yes, however, CPD does have a facial hair policy that states that beards must be neatly trimmed and not exceed 1/4" in length

Does the Concord Police Department partner with the community it serves?

Yes, CPD believes in an evidence-based community policing philosophy.  The department maintains relationships with each of the many recognized neighborhoods throughout the city and participates in various community events throughout the year such as:  National Night Out, National Coffee with a Cop Day, Youth Police Academy, Citizens Police Academy, Concord 101, public crime and safety meetings, and many more.


The City of Concord Police Department Policies & Procedures can be found here.




The Concord Police Department subscribes to a values based Code of Conduct comprised of Code of Conductour Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values, Guiding Principles, and Standard Operating Procedures. This Code establishes fundamental standards of conduct and performance consistent with the highest professional standards of policing.
Our Code of Conduct is short, simple and to the point. At CPD, you are treated as an adult and a professional.





We have procedures for awarding commendations to sworn and civilian employees, as well as citizens who take heroic action within the City of Concord.We value and recognize the great work done by our employees. Examples of awards include the Medal of Valor, Meritorious Conduct, Chief's Superior Leadership Award, Co-worker of the Month, Co-worker of the Year and others. You can learn more about our policy here under Commendations.

In addition to formal awards, we also routinely post information about the excellent work our co-workers are doing on our social media pages. Check them out!