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"I was not hired by an agency when I went through Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET), so when I graduated I was kind of like a free agent. I was in the hiring process with three different agencies, including the Concord Police Department. I eventually picked Concord because I felt at home here. I had met several people from this agency while I was in BLET and I liked the positive and general good attitudes they possessed. I felt like I fit in with the values of the agency and it was somewhere I could make a career. Since then, nothing has changed for me. It remains a perfect sized agency because it’s small enough that you know most everyone who works here but it’s large enough that you get the benefits of a mid-sized agency. I can’t imagine working anywhere else."

- Lieutenant Steven Zollars

"My name is John Parker and I am currently a Patrol Sergeant.  I have worked for the Concord Police Department for twelve years.  I chose to work here after speaking to recruiters at a larger department and feeling like I was just going to be another number there.  The people at Concord are friendly and personable.  Concord Police Department offers me a challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement.  There are a wide range of areas to work in from patrol to investigations, traffic, field training, school resource, etc.  There are also opportunities for advancement.  We have the latest equipment and some good training opportunities.   We also offer career development that allows you to get pay raises for going to training and applying that training in field performance.  The people are friendly and bend over backwards to help you.  A career here can be very rewarding."

- Captain John Parker

"Initially, the reason that I chose to apply with the Concord Police Department was because I lived in Concord, but more importantly, I knew other officers from the department and they all seemed to enjoy working here so that was my biggest indication that I too, would be happy here.  Being a Police Officer for the City of Concord has been a blessing and one of the best decisions that I have ever made; I only wish that I had done so sooner. The city’s population and continued growth also spurs growth in our agency, which in turn, provides more opportunities for officers to experience the many facets of law enforcement.  Currently, I am a School Resource Officer and absolutely love coming to work every day. When I decided that it was time to leave patrol in order to gain a new experience and different perspective, it was extremely difficult, but now I find the same to be of my current position. In any instance, one thing remains the same; the people that I have come to work with, to know and to serve, have always helped me to understand why it is that I decided to undertake the responsibility of being a police officer and everything that it encompasses. It sound so cliché but to protect and serve, and being able to make difference in the process is one of the perks of being a police officer with the City of Concord."

- Master Police Officer Nicole Johnson

" My name is Julia Soares and I’ve been working for the Concord Police Department since 2015. I began my career at a smaller department and I wanted to work somewhere that had a variety of specialized units. The Concord Police Department has always been known as a prestigious department to work for in the area. I made the switch and fit right in. I love the atmosphere and my coworkers.  

I believe in working in a place that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. I thoroughly enjoy my job. Since the beginning of my career at the Concord Police Department, I’ve been promoted to Master Police Officer then Sergeant. In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve worked in a specialized unit and know I will have opportunities to work in other specialized units. There are many incentives to work for Concord such as a take-home car, great equipment, and training opportunities. My career at the Concord Police Department has been very rewarding. I am honored to work for CPD."

- Sergeant Julia Soares



The Patrol Bureau is the first line of response provided by the Concord Police Department. Under the command of Major Todd McGhee, the Patrol Bureau is responsible and accountable for leadership, performance, efficiency, and general good conduct of the department. Major McGhee delegates responsibilities of patrol as prescribed by the Office of the Chief of Police.


The Operations Bureau is be responsible for providing operational support to the Patrol Bureau via a variety of specialized teams, intervention strategies, and tactics. Commanded by Major Jeremy Baggarly, this bureau partners with patrol, schools, and the community and works collaboratively to reduce the levels of crime, fear, and disorder in neighborhoods; improve the quality of life for Concord’s citizens, visitors, and businesses; and have a positive and lasting impression on the lives of student aged youth.


The Administration Bureau of the Concord Police Department consists of Major Keith Eury and such support staff as  deemed necessary by the Chief of Police. The Administration Bureau is responsible for numerous aspects of the department outside of normal patrol and investigative functions. The bureau reviews policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date with current laws and court rulings. Budget oversight remains a major component of the Administration Bureau, as it continues to be responsible for budget management and preparation. Other responsibilities of the Administration Bureau include: staffing, grants, facilities management, information and vehicle technology, strategic planning, career development program, secondary employment, and the administering and planning of promotional processes.


We value you as an officer and want to invest in your future! Not only do we pay for approved training, we pay you to attend and approved training can be used to complete Career Development requirements in order to obtain an additional 2% raise each year.

The Concord Police Department officers receive many hours of paid annual training through in-service and individual training. Officers will attend in-service training when it is offered department wide several times throughout the year. Additionally, officers will have the opportunity to attend enhanced law enforcement training provided through the community college system, the NC Justice Academy, and through internal and external resources.


We encourage all applicants interested in gaining employment with us to schedule an appointment to ride-along with us on patrol and take a tour of our facilities. 

*In order to be considered for a ride along, ALL applicants must complete the Ride Along Application/Waiver to Participate form RA-1 here.  Click on the link under Police Downloads on the right side of the page.  It will need to be filled out completely, signed and given to the front desk at the Concord Police Department for approval.  If approved, someone will be in contact with you to schedule your ride along.


The City of Concord was founded in 1796, was incorporated in 1806, and is the seat of Cabarrus County.

Concord is located in the southern piedmont region of North Carolina and is situated near other diverse and historical cities such as Charlotte, Kannapolis, Huntersville, and Salisbury. Concord’s central location in the state offers its residents a short drive to enjoy the mountains or the beaches of North Carolina.

Concord’s current population exceeds 90,000, and represents one of the fastest growth rates in North Carolina. With over 60 square miles, Concord is one of the largest cities in North Carolina by land area.

Many well-known national companies, such as Eli lilly, Amazon, Westrock Coffee, Sysco Food Distributors, various NASCAR teams, and other businesses call Concord home. It also boasts the state’s top tourism attraction in Concord Mills Mall. This regional shopping complex includes 480 stores and is one of the largest shopping malls on the east coast.

Concord has a pleasant combination of traditional values and progressive change. Residents enjoy the “small town” atmosphere with all the amenities of a thriving and growing city. There are many attractions in the city, such as the Rocky River Golf Course, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Z Max Dragway, several parks and greenways, numerous restaurants, and Historic Downtown Concord, that provide a wide array of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Cabarrus County School System is one of the best in the state and residents benefit from an abundance of top healthcare providers. Simply put, Concord is a great place to live, work, and play.